GIRL ガールは1979年イギリス ロンドンで結成されたブリティシュ ハード ロック バンド。 デビュー当時はグラムロック的なルックスで大注目!!1979年から話題になったNWOBHM(ニュー・ウェイヴ・オブ・ブリティッシュ・ヘヴィメタル、New Wave Of British Heavy Metal)のムーブメントの代表的なバンドでも目立っていた。バンドは1979年から1982年で解散。
Girl were an English glam metal band formed in London in 1979, which split up in 1982 with band members going on to join Def Leppard and L.A. Guns, among others.
The band were signed by Jet Records, releasing two singles prior to their debut album Sheer Greed (1980), which reached number 33 in the UK Albums Chart.The band’s profile was raised by tours with the Pat Travers Band and UFO, in the midst of the new wave of British heavy metal explosion. Girl recorded a pre-L.A. Guns version of the song “Hollywood Tease”, which peaked at No. 50 in the UK Singles Chart in April 1980.
Gaynor left in 1981, to be replaced by former Gillan/Broken Home drummer Pete Barnacle. However, following several live dates with the band, Barnacle himself was replaced by Bryson Graham during the recording of the next album.Both Barnacle and Graham appear on Girl’s second album Wasted Youth which was released in 1982 and reached number 92 in the UK.Pete Bonas replaced Phil Collen, who left to join Def Leppard, though the band broke up soon after.


Phil Lewis – lead vocals (1979-1982)
Gerry Laffy – guitars (1979-1982)
Phil Collen – guitars (1979-1982)
Jonathon Trevisick – drums (1979-1979)
Dave Gaynor – drums (1979-1981)
Mark Megary – bass (1979)
Simon Laffy – bass (1979-1982)
Pete Barnacle – drums (1981-1982)
Bryson Graham – drums (1982)
Pete Bonas – guitars (1982)

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